The Barking Barbers are offering a unique 1-2-1 grooming class with you and your dog. This class is tailored to your own dog, their lifestyle, coat type, breed, and their personal needs. 

This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to maintain your dog’s coat, to keep them happy and healthy. Grooming your dog on a regular basis creates a bond and better understanding of your canine companion.

 Classes are £30 per 30-minute session.

Please call us on 01844 872 123 to book in.

1-2-1Grooming Class

A 30 minute session in which we will cover:


 The correct equipment and technique to brush and maintain their coat in between salon visits.

   How to tackle problem areas and matting.

 Ear cleansing.

  Nail and paw pad maintenance.

Handling skills.

  How to look out for ticks and fleas and what to do if you find them.



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