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Puppy Pampering

Your cute bundle of fluff can come for as many puppy pampers as you wish until they reach 6 months, then they will be ready for their full grooming treatment. Please feel free to ask any question on grooming your puppy at home and we can advise you on the correct equipment and techniques. 

As soon as they have had all their vaccinations we are happy and encourage you to bring your puppy to the salon just to visit and get used to the sounds and smells. If we have the time they will also receive lots of cuddles and affection - free of charge!

The best thing you can do for your new member of the family is gently and positively introduce them into the world of grooming, this can be a un-nerving experience for many young puppies but getting them accustomed to it early will give them many years of stress free pampering! 

Any puppy under the age of six months can be pampered as long as they have had all their vaccinations.  

The puppy package includes:

  • Bathed in a natural puppy shampoo.
  • Blow dry and brushed through.
  • Nails clipped.
  • Ears cleaned.
  • Trim in front of their eyes.
  • Between paw pads clipped out and light trim around feet to tidy.
  • Finally around their bottom clipped to keep clean.

This package is designed to be gentle and slowly introduce your puppy to grooming. we strongly feel that every experience counts especially their first.