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Cost is from £100 depending on breed.

*Puppies must have had all their vaccinations and be no older than 6 months.

*All 5 sessions must be used within 6 weeks

Our puppy university package is designed to gradually build up your new puppy's confidence over 5 small grooming sessions. This will reinforce a positive and fun association with grooming and not overwhelm them with lots of new sounds, people and smells at once. Getting the new member of your family comfortable with the grooming process at an early age is essential for a lifetime of stress-free pampering.

Enroll your puppy in a full diploma for grooming etiquette. This course involves:

  •     4x 30-minute sessions in which we pawsitively introduce your pup to the basics of the grooming table, the bath, hair dryer, and being handled.

  •   We will use these sessions to continue working towards being brushed, nail clipping, high-velocity drying, ear cleaning, pads clipped and the essential areas trimmed with scissors and/or clippers.

  •   Final 1-hour sessions in which we will do a full puppy pamper including a bath, dry, nails and pads clipped, ears cleaned and trimmed around face, feet and hygiene areas.

  •   All these sessions will be adapted to your puppy’s individual needs and we will go at their own pace.

PuppyUniversity Package